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Jun 12 17 7:12 PM

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Mariah Carey helps Lena Dunham take down trolls and "angry men" via her very existence

The power of Mariah.

Mariah Carey and Lena Dunham

Mariah Carey and Lena Dunham are sharing the Twitter love right now – and we have the world's "angry men" to, er, thank.

Let's take this one back to the beginning.

On Saturday (June 10), Lena was offering support to Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, who has become embroiled in an ongoing and pretty weird spat with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The latest incident saw Tucker end his show on Friday (June 9) with a segment titled 'The Problem with Lauren Duca'.

Lena then reached out to Lauren and shared her advice for dealing with "angry men", being no stranger to a troll or two herself.

"I have had to invoke Mariah Carey a lot over the years when it comes to angry men," she said.

"Why you so obsessed with me?"

Lena is of course referring to Mariah's alleged Eminem diss track 'Obsessed'.

The music stars have been in a feud for years, with Eminem claiming they hooked up while Mariah has always denied the fact.

Indeed, the lyrics to 'Obsessed' (which Mariah has denied is about the rapper, despite the video featuring a male stalker dressed in Eminem's trademark hooded sweatshirt) include: "Why are you so obsessed with me? Lying that you're sexing me?"

Anyway, Lauren replied to Lena's advice, saying she would also be "invoking Mariah" in the ongoing situation with the Fox News host.

And it wasn't too long until Mariah herself was reaching out to lend all the moral support needed, much to Lena and Lauren's excitement.

There's only one word for it.

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Jun 13 17 4:18 AM

Mariah has been much more "Mariah" on her Twitter lately, I think it's more or less back in her hands.

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Jun 13 17 7:09 PM

This is great!

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Jun 13 17 10:56 PM

Kevon wrote:
Mariah has been much more "Mariah" on her Twitter lately, I think it's more or less back in her hands.

It would surprise me if she knew how to use .gifs though, I don't see her as "tech savy" smiley: laugh

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Jun 14 17 5:25 PM

exactly! and Obsessed is slowly getting the recognition it deserves! I've seen a lot of people using the lyrics nowadays

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