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Jun 6 17 12:31 PM

Vincent wrote:
Caesar's is 4300 seats; Foxwoods is 4000. The prices are in line with Vegas, I think, except it doesn't have the cheap $70 tix that there are in Vegas.

The prices are in line with what she used to charge here before the residency started. I paid like $230 for the first CB tour stop and like $300 for the 2nd one, but I had 4th row and for the AA tour my ex-bf paid for the tix, but I think he said they were like $150 for the mid-range tix we got. The first CB show and the AA show were both at Caesar's.

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Jun 7 17 4:34 AM

I don't remember paying that much for the CB tour here in the UK. I think 2 tickets was like £70. Ofc that was 15 years ago so my memory might be failing me

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Jun 7 17 2:32 PM

I paid £45 for floor seats on the CB tour, whuch was probably on the more expensive side of things in 2003, but I also paid as little as £35 for Sheryl Crow the following year and as much as about £90 for Madonna tickets that were second tier seats, so I suppose the prices were moderate really.

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