May 22 17 8:54 AM

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Since these are slow times, I thought we could come up with Mariah videos for days of the week. Yes, that slow smiley: laugh

People have been doing this for other artists lately, the Rihanna and Britney ones are popular. Maybe we can make a Mariah one and it could go viral? I can make a video if we agree on a list.


So what would be the list for Mariah? Since this is gonna be a video, the song should have an official video or a live performance. I think the "shades" would work well too.

Here's what I thought:

Monday: Crybaby or "IDKH" smiley: laugh
Tuesday: I Don't Wanna Cry
Wednesday: Breakdown
Thursday: Butterfly or Make It Happen
Friday: It's Like That
Saturday: Emotions
Sunday: We Belong Together

Couldnt find anything post 2005 though, anyway lets pick the best ones so that we can make a video soon!

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