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May 21 17 7:31 AM

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Mariah is going to be on Jamie Foxx's new show "Beat Shazam".  


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5h5 hours ago

Stunning! made a surprise appearance on the new musical game show, . Set to air soon! 😍

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May 24 17 12:24 PM

Mariah Carey Pays a Surprise Visit to Jamie Foxx's 'Beat Shazam': Exclusive Photos

Mariah Carey stopped by to surprise contestants and visit Jamie Foxx on the set of an upcoming episode of Beat Shazam

The iconic singer's appearance was totally unexpected, as she walked onto the music-based gameshow during a round where the categories was "Divas." Foxx joked that Mariah Carey should be there for the round, evoking some laughs, and then she actually appeared and walked to the piano on set. 

Carey stuck around for one song, which appropriately was her own "Always Be My Baby." Funnily, one of the teams guessed wrong and she had to give them a hard time before departing. 

Foxx spoke with Billboard last month about what to expect on Beat Shazam and teased surprise guests such as this joining him at the "magic piano."

"There's a piano on the set, and I say I've got a "magic piano" and sometimes when I sing on this piano, whoever I'm singing, the artist will come out -- maybe -- so I'll sing, 'Where are you now that I need you?' -- you never know, [Justin Bieber] may come out. Or Barbra Streisand, or Drake, or anybody that I've hung out with or worked with. You never know who might stop by, but that's just the element of having fun," he said.



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May 25 17 4:00 PM

Can we just set the expectation that she will not be playing the piano and singing. I know it's a given but I can just see some people complaining

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May 25 17 5:16 PM

I assume it's some kind of little skit... I know nothing about the show

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May 26 17 1:50 AM

I watched the whole show and didn't see her. I didn't see anything on instagram or twitter either about an appearance from Mariah either. Did they cut her segment or is it airing another week?

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May 26 17 10:22 AM

The article posted here doesn't say Mariah would be on last night; it says upcoming episode. I think last night was the show's debut.

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