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Feb 11 17 5:00 PM

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What a beauitiful test 
I get  Daydream
What is your result?
here is game
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Feb 12 17 4:56 AM

I need no test to know that I'm Rainbow

Although the test says I'm Emotions smiley: pimp..... smiley: roll

You're learning who you are still. You're still learning how to just be you- while also trying to please people. Emotions is full of self-expressing ballads- you know exactly what you want to be but just quite aren't it yet- but do not worry because you will "MAKE IT HAPPEN"
WTF!!! smiley: laughsmiley: laughsmiley: laughsmiley: laugh

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Posts: 12,139 We're all just living in the moment of being positive and there's like, people called haters ... [No, no, Cindy] ... and we give them positivity

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Mar 10 17 7:14 AM


btw, why THE ART OF LETTING GO is on the #1 list? smiley: laugh

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Posts: 2,116 Chillin' at FOMM

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Mar 10 17 8:22 AM

Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chantuese

You've done it all! You know exactly how to mange yourself and conduct pure and unaduralted expression. You've learned a lot and lost a lot, 'nobody said that the road would be easy', and you are one of the first to learn that! Victory or Defeat, it's up to you to decide whether or not you're going to make it through.


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