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#21 [url]

Feb 15 17 10:39 AM

Yes! And open the registration I have a few lambily friends who would love to join us

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#22 [url]

Feb 15 17 10:22 PM

cesarjunior wrote:
Yes! And open the registration I have a few lambily friends who would love to join us smile.gif
Yes, I think once we "re-launch", registration will be open.



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#23 [url]

Feb 16 17 3:06 AM

I DON"T wanna leave Yuku, but maybe it's time to move on

#26 [url]

Feb 23 17 11:12 PM

Voting will close Monday March 6th. Unless there is a surprise Trump-like upset, I think the move is pretty much set in stone now.

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Feb 23 17 11:14 PM

pigduck wrote:
yes. i support. i can help. i have set up forums in the past. i can host it too, if needed. 1. can we move the archives from here to the new board?
I forgot to thank you for the offer. I will keep you mind. Thanks!



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#28 [url]

Feb 24 17 12:26 AM

Awww well if it means less issues and a brand new start with our post counts, all these nice posts migrating easily over to new board...I am down!!!👊🌟👑

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#29 [url]

Feb 27 17 7:42 PM

I don't post much anymore so I don't know if my opinion counts but I say yes. I have had nothing but problems when I do post of the time with the post not loading or the thread not updating. Plus I think it would bring in traffic ( if thats a goal) if there was a new host. If this board is achieved I think its okay. All the important threads will still be here.




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#30 [url]

Feb 28 17 5:29 AM

I actually haven't had any problems with the board for a while now, but I think since we have the opportunity to retain all the important aspects of the board and transfer onto a platform with more capabilities, giving us the chance to turn FOMM into a true platform, we should do it anyway.

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Mar 7 17 2:49 PM



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