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my panties itch, what do i do? asking for a friend

#981 [url]

Mar 21 17 10:33 AM

Ah requesting songs. I remember i devoted about 2 hours a day in 2008 to requesting ITC. Even tho it wasn't a single lmfao

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#982 [url]

Mar 21 17 11:08 AM

divasummer wrote:
Ugh, why didn't that dance version of "Beautiful" come out around the time of the hip hop mix.
I know promo supposedly stopped because of her injury even though "Beautiful" was already dropping on the charts.
Why didn't they just release it like the 2 hip hop mixes????
I don't think she ever finished it. It seemed like something she started doing around the time of her injury (along with filming the video for the urban mix), but both obviously never got finished because of her injury. It wouldn't have hurt to put out the dance remix which makes me think that it just never got completed.

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Me. I am Vinny...The Shady Wordsmith

#983 [url]

Mar 21 17 1:27 PM

^Indeed; I was told by her team back then that it was not completed.

Vincent, dahhhhling.



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Me. I am Vinny...The Shady Wordsmith

#984 [url]

Mar 21 17 1:28 PM

Gawain of Suffolk wrote:
Why do say that like your happy it didn't do well! She released a great song and it charted so that at this point in her career after all the success she has had nothing is really a flop for her. I wish fan's would take half the time supporting her releases at radio as they did complaining about promo, Mariah choices, outfits and flops ect.


It was a joke, sweetheart. I love the song; I don't care if it flops or not. You're the one obsessed with it becoming a hit when it clearly won't.

Vincent, dahhhhling.

#985 [url]

Mar 22 17 5:42 PM

Kevon wrote:
When has fans requesting Mariah's songs that are underperforming on radio actually resulted in increased airplay and some kind of turn around? Seriously, when was the last time?

It not matter if something is successful or not we as a hardcore Fanbase should support Mariah at radio in the high and low moments! I'm not saying it's gonna make it her next #1 hit but it does help and can keep it climbing slowly. If it didn't help at all Mariah herself and radio wouldn't be asking people to request their favorite songs. Every major artists fanbase has support pages to request the artist at radio and keeps track of sales and Air-Play it's not just Mariah's fans.


Automatic Prince

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#989 [url]

Mar 23 17 12:51 PM

hottiecasanova wrote:
Automatic Prince wrote:
I Don't Remix ft. Remy Ma coming tonight at midnight??

 If this is legit and official, oh the Nicki shade. lol

No Nicki shade. Cut and paste whack ass remix. Next!

That's what I was expecting, honestly. I meant that for Mariah to approve Remy being on an official remix right now is "interesting." smiley: tongue Maybe it'll illicit some curious listens from people who are living for the current feud, given Mariah's history with an involved party. lol.

I wish we'd gotten a proper remix, though. I'm really missing those. Sometimes she can improve a sleeper.

#990 [url]

Mar 23 17 3:49 PM

It's already up on Spotify and will be released to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play at Midnight!

39m39 minutes ago

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#993 [url]

Mar 24 17 8:20 AM

Forgive me for not understanding what's the point of releasing this remix at this point but yeah, cheers, toast, bravo I guess

~~MCinGR  for the nostalgia ~~



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#997 [url]

Mar 24 17 9:49 AM

kittykow105 wrote:
I love Remy Ma, but that rap was terrible and phoned in. Keep battle rapping and leave the pop collabos to Nicki, girl.
Pop collabos? This is Mariah Carey, not David Guetta boo.. 


#998 [url]

Mar 24 17 10:05 AM

Pointless remix, but hey something new to add to the collection.

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#999 [url]

Mar 24 17 10:31 AM

LOL @ all the angry comments on social media wanting her to focus on other things.

Normally I don't like her cut and paste remixes, esp when they take good Mariah parts out. this one I didn't really mind because the original is so repetitive and lackluster anyway.



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#1000 [url]

Mar 24 17 11:16 AM

Up Out My Face is a real remix
This one is not

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