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"You think that's sexy? With the Rocket Pop's outside you?"

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Mar 4 17 4:14 PM

I love the chorus, as basic as it is, but the vocals in the chorus stop me from me enjoying them even at their core... I love the instrumental and video in their entirety.

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carlos b fly


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Mar 4 17 8:13 PM

Brazilian X Man wrote:
Katy said this is going to be a dance album and she is going to release a string of singles before the album

Hmmmm, I guess I'll see how this goes but dance can be a right boring sounds to me unless you get some amazingly rich producers.

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Mar 9 17 11:12 AM

I know I said it was "sleep sleep" but I did pay attention to the video now and I find it disturbingly beautiful. What kinda George Orwell tea?

Katy is WOKE.


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