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Nov 25 16 10:34 AM

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I get HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when I try to access my PM inbox and also whenever I hit "Post" (my posts do appear though, but I'm taken to the HTTP 500 page every time which is annoying). Anyone else with the same problem? Has it been reported to Yuku?

Edit: the "post" issue is now fixed, but I still can't access my inbox.

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Nov 25 16 9:49 PM

There was a notice of an update they were working on. I'd say it's to do with that but I will look over at their support forums and see if there is an on-going issue with it.

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Nov 25 16 9:55 PM

OK, so it seems to be a common issue at the moment and is due to maintenance.

Current issues:

Some people are unable to access their profile page or their private messages, or they are unable to make a post without having the page go white after posting. If this is happening to you, it means that you're on the server that will undergo maintenance. There is no need to report this at the moment, as our team is aware of it.

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Feb 25 17 8:41 AM

I have changed my avatar but it's not showing for me. I don't want to open a thread because we are leaving, I just want to know if anyone had this problem in the past

It is working

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