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Sep 8 16 11:50 AM

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The word from L.A. is that there two more people in “The House” with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler.

I’m told that re-shoots in the last couple of weeks were extensive. And brought in for comic relief: Mariah Carey and Jeremy Renner.

Isn’t that odd?

Word from the set was that “Mariah was a nightmare.” Well, of course she was. But Mariah’s a good actress, as we’ve seen in “Precious.”

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Sep 8 16 12:05 PM

Old Roger's journalistic skills are unparalleled. Earlier this year he tried to create a story about the fact Mariah wasn't singing her "biggest hit" Vision of Love on the TSSF tour, while expressing his concern for her seen as she had fired Michael Richardson, Cindy etc. He blocked me on twitter for pointing out how bitter he has become about Mariah again since he no longer gets inside scoop about what Mariah is up to from Cindy.

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Jun 21 17 1:39 PM

Mariah's cameo was cut because of her behavior on set.

Will Ferrell hints at Mariah's diva antics on set

Will Ferrell has hinted that Mariah Carey's diva demands caused her cameo to be cut from The House. The actor and comedian is currently promoting the comedy film, in which he teams with Amy Poehler to play a couple who destroy their daughter's college fund and then decide to start an illegal casino with their neighbours to make the money back. 

The House features appearances from Jeremy Renner, Nick Kroll, and Alexandra Daddario, but Will has now confirmed that a planned guest spot from Mariah had to be dropped. "She eventually did show up. There were suggestions that were not executed. She was on our set and yeah, things happened, and didn't happen," he said during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night. "She did not make the final cut." 

Will didn't detail exactly what the We Belong Together singer did to get herself deleted from the flick but indicated that her extravagant requirements meant that the shoot ran off-schedule. "Let's put it this way, at about midnight I got a knock on my trailer and they said, 'You can just go home, we're not going to get to you'," he said, adding jokingly that while the Mariah drama was "all for naught" at least the footage shot could possibly make for some "fun" DVD extras. 

The Anchorman star isn't the only member of The House cast to call out the superstar, with actor Rob Huebel criticising her onset behaviour during an interview with SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio in May. He divulged that she showed up "four hours late" to the set, asked for her trailer to be stocked with "all white roses" and stuffed animals, before requesting alterations be made to change the song she was hired to perform. 

"We did some reshoots with a popstar named Mariah Carey. It did not go well," he said. "F**king what is going on with her? It was bananas." The House hits cinemas from the end of the month.

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Jun 21 17 2:21 PM

Sad news. another opportunity lost. if this is somehow planned by her team (being difficult to get press, maybe?) I just don't get it. Will even showed up on Vegas to see her. what's going on????

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#8 [url]

Jun 21 17 2:22 PM

Sounds like an embarrassing flop in the making anyway. After prestigious projects like Precious and The Butler she needs to work with real actors and directors only.


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#10 [url]

Jun 21 17 2:46 PM

I can't stand Will Ferrel so I'm actually glad she's not associated with that movie.
And as David said, it's another flop in the making.

~~MCinGR  for the nostalgia ~~

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#11 [url]

Jun 21 17 2:56 PM

BeyondIdolization wrote:
Sounds like an embarrassing flop in the making anyway. After prestigious projects like Precious and The Butler she needs to work with real actors and directors only.

Like this?


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Jun 21 17 4:50 PM

I remember being really impressed with Wise Girls. But now that I'm older and looking back, she wasn't even that good in that either. That would have been a better starting point point for her though vs. Glitter.

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#15 [url]

Jun 21 17 5:44 PM

BeyondIdolization wrote:
Sounds like an embarrassing flop in the making anyway. After prestigious projects like Precious and The Butler she needs to work with real actors and directors only.

I agree. This is very embarassing now, but in one week we will be glad that she was cut smiley: laughsmiley: laughsmiley: laugh

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Jun 21 17 6:46 PM

I could care less if she ever acts again, but this diva behavior is getting old. This generation isn't here for it, especially if she's not at the top of her game or the charts. Sad to hear Mariah's name being dragged through the mud again. Ultimately, it's her and her incompetent teams fault.

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#18 [url]

Jun 21 17 7:12 PM

At least she cashed a check, but it's sad her unprofessionalism ruined her gig and is tarnishing the rep she worked so hard for all these years. She needs a better team to guide and rebuild her career. Even if this turns out to be a bad movie, it was a good oppprtunity for her to be back on the public's mind for a minute and the timing was good with vegas and the tour coming up. Oh well.

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#19 [url]

Jun 22 17 4:09 AM

I think the question "what is going on with her?" lately is a valid one but it goes beyond this movie. This seems like it would be a stupid cameo like when she was on that Adam Sandler film anyway.

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#20 [url]

Jun 22 17 4:17 AM

This is one of the acting gigs she got as a result of being with James. It was produced by Ratpac. It might also be a reason why she's cut now too. She probably was a nightmare on set but who knows why. Maybe things were on the rocks with James in August last year and she was showing up to this completely disinterested.

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