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Posts: 40,357 'Showing receipts and offering seats'

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Jun 21 16 11:03 AM

I mentioned it before but whilst Mariah's efforts regarding this left a lot to be desired, I'm disgusted by Nicki Minaj. (shocker). When people have been dragging her for not saying anything, her fans have started defending her not saying anything and she has been favouriting them. Perez Hilton tweeted something, and one of her fans made a homophobic remark about Perez calling him a "dickeater" and Nicki favourited it. Then retweeted someone saying she is "unbothered".

Wrapped up in a shady tortilla

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Me. I am Vinny...The Shady Wordsmith

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Jun 22 16 2:04 PM

Kevon wrote:
^Isn't that what Donald Trump actually said as well? That if everyone was armed with a gun on their person, someone would have been able to stop the killer before he murdered 49 people. SMH. Yeah, because a nightclub filled with armed, drunk clientelle is the way forward. Thank you for that insight potential future president

Probably. No surprise that Trump's son shops at my dad's store

Vincent, dahhhhling.

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