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Jan 5 14 9:02 PM

That's pretty damn impressive and why I insist 2013 was still a good year in Mariahland after all!! I used to obsessively listen to Casey's Kasem's Top 40 countdown every weekend when I was a teenager back in the late 80's and early 90's... I would even write down the top 40 every week lol. Of all the artists on the top 40 charts in those days (specicfically 1988-1992), Mariah is the ONLY who still chartied on the year-end 100 with "Beuatiful" at #81!!! Impressive and shows she still has some commercial viability!!!

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Jan 9 14 5:57 PM

@MariahAlerts: Congratulations @MariahCarey & Miguel on their NAACP IMAGE AWARDS nomination for Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration with #BEAUTIFUL!




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Jan 16 14 12:28 AM

"#B" finished at #28 on the Pazz & Jop poll for Best Singles of 2013. Village Voice gets lists from 457 critics, so this placement is actually very representative of critics. "#B" made the singles list of these polled critics:

Harry Burson
Andrew Casillas
Joey Daniewicz
Adam Graham
Jason Gubbels
Matthew Horton
Steve Kiviat
Alex Macpherson
Ryan Maffei
Matt Rice
Chris Richards
Jody Beth Rosen
Alfred Soto
Aylin Zafar

I think the only one I've heard of is Jody Rosen, who has reviewed some of Mariah's work for Rolling Stone.



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#5546 [url]

Jan 16 14 4:24 PM

^ Jason, you should post this on the other #B thread about critics lists. This one is kinda obsolete.


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