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FOMM Legend Awards [Revamped] - a tribute to nike521! Ceremony on Sunday September 29 [9:00 PM GMT+1]

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Sep 2 13 12:33 PM

carlos b fly wrote:
kevo2002 wrote:

Like wizards, a true Legend is never always late.

I have been off consuming more alcohol than that which is stored in Ramona's cellar so have been away from the board.

Mario is definitely one of the staples of the board. And perhaps in the opposite way from our last month's honouree, I can affectionately say he has made a name for himself with the biggest splash possible. However, underneath that ratchet bravado is an intelligent, articulate poster and I think that is why he has had longevity where others have came and flopped.

I'm relatively narrowminded when it comes to the internet - outside of the board I don't post anywhere else so I have to thank him for bringing so much of the lingo to our lives that I have now infected into my 'real life' friends. We speak of shade throwing regularly, and I recently witnessed other real friends starting to use sayings over and over like 'I can't, I just can't' and I'm like 'gurl... I've been using that one for years'.

And who could forget the gifs? In a lot of ways Mario is like Mariah, he may not invent the trends but he definitely brings them to mainstream relevance. I mean, the Oprah and Wendy gifs became so prominent, I even covered them.
Awww, so well said and yes, I also must credit Mario with GIFs and some fabulous new lingo entering my life!
I was just about to say the same thing -- such a nice tribute!  I've definitely brought words like "wig snatching" and "Mesirah" into my real-life interactions as well lol. 

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Sep 4 13 7:21 PM

I was chatting with Rob and Richard's name came up for this. kittykow where you at sis?




Posts: 10,760 True in love and wisdom, well off and witty, using god's sleeve to wipe the hell off the city.

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Sep 5 13 10:18 AM

That's a good pool!

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Sep 5 13 6:09 PM

mcfan wrote:
I think possible names are: Nick, Richard, Nike, Casey, Sabrina.

I know I haven't been here too long but I'd like to see Nick get an award. He was one of the first people who started replying to my posts when I joined and made me feel welcome here so I'd love to see him get one. 



Posts: 10,760 True in love and wisdom, well off and witty, using god's sleeve to wipe the hell off the city.

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Sep 5 13 9:23 PM

I think they all pretty clearly deserve it at this point -- flip a coin or something lol

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Sep 7 13 5:01 PM

Names that haven't been mentioned yet: MissyJG, ShayneFly, baBy Diva MC, muratmc. Don't know all their real names.

Mariah Carey Madonna Celine Dion Lara Fabian Whitney Tina Arena Janet Jackson Toni Braxton Debbie Gibson 

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Sep 7 13 5:51 PM

Nike totally needs an FOMM Legend Award. He's lomg overdue.

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Sep 10 13 3:05 PM

Nike is the September FOMM Legend! 

His award ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 29 at 09:00 PM GMT+1! Make sure to send your congratulation messages for him to my inbox by no later than September 28.


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Sep 19 13 8:34 AM

I'm hoping to get a great interview from Nike, have a sneak peek in his world and how it is to be a Mimi fan in Asia. :d




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Sep 29 13 2:51 PM


Good evening and welcome to the 12th monthly FOMM Legend Awards ceremony!

Tonight we are honoring someone who has always made it a priority to bring fun and entertainment to the board. I'm talking about the legendary Nike! 
When you think of Nike, you think cheer and that is exactly whet he contributes to this community whether it be with his games or his posts. Nike has a bright and colorful personality and he's a very nice guy. I am very happy to be hosting this special event for him. 

We'll get to take a look at his persona through the interview I conducted with him:

Q: When did you join FOMM and how did you know about it?
A: I joined FOMM in 2006 i guess, but not until early 2008 I started post more often. I forgot how did I found this forum, probably just random search. It was destiny. 

Q: Do you have any particular memories of your days as a newbie that you would like to share?
A: As a newbie, I think I was somehow way over the top, wanting attention and trying to be funny and likeable. I know I got annoying sometimes, but it was great for me to show a side of my internet persona and able to get some recognition(in both good and bad ways). Looking back I remembered starting numerous "Should *** be the name of the album title?" thread back in early 2008, it was so much fun lol. And it was indeed an excellent era for fans. I was crazy and annoying, but it was such a memorable time. I kinda missed that sometimes. I have to admit that not knowing the people here in fomm back then has given me such an outlet for me to feel naughty and carefree. Also, the SNL 2008 chatroom moment was one of the best newbie memories I ever had. 

Q: Was FOMM different then and how has it changed if it has?
A: I think FOMM hasn't really changed much, but the lack of news are killing us. And also there are more other types of forums, or facebook kind of stuffs, thus makes me feel FOMM becomes less of a community. We used to regularly "hang out" here to update news, share thoughts and go to chatrooms. We still do but the "aura" just not as strong as before, and we all have real life issues to deal with as we grow older.  On the bright side, I think "The General Random Thoughts Thread" has greatly helped fommers getting update, not only as a fan, but able to share thoughts and keep us connected, like a good friend.

And I must say the most I love FOMM is that people here areSO MUCH FUN.

Q: Do you like it more now or how it was in the past?
A: The past no doubt. I kinda regret I didn't join fomm earlier. But I glad I am still here now, and I still enjoy participating in this forum, and glad some people I like still stick to here every now and then.

Q: What's it like being a Mimi stan in Asia? How is she perceived there?
A: I was a more reserved "stan" in real life. I always have a perception that people in my country do not like Mariah at all, and she was indeed not a popular icon here. Thus to be honest I feel awkward if I tell my friends I listen to Mariah. And I prefer not to identify myself an Asia fans or Chinese fans, i feel uncomfortable with it. I don't even know why,  maybe some insecurity issues that I prefer to keep things under wraps. 

Q: Have you always been at ease here on the board?
A: I do. I am being myself and having fun here all the time, and I am thankful to meet some great friends here.Can't ask for more than that. Whenever I feel bored or not so in a good mood, Fomm is indeed the best place to hide.  

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, what you wish to bring on the board with your presence and how do you think people here perceive you.
A: I guess I am somewhat an idealist, a person always trying to look on the brightside but love to indulge in dark, atmospheric fantasy. I always having hard time facing the reality and trying to avoid it. That's maybe the reason why I seldom locate my real identity (even my real name) here on fomm. That helps me forget the sh!t mess in reality. In real life I still very much having a Nike persona but in this board I feel more at ease presenting Nike myself. It's like Nike having real fun in an amusement park. 

I just hope people enjoy Nike being here, and have fun reading my posts and participate the elimination games (there is one right now please vote) lol. 

Q: Do you feel like any FOMMer could be a real life friend to you?
A: I would love to really. Just to imagine having a real life friend from a different country but share the same interests with me, it just sounds awesome and cool. I am glad knowing people here to able to share great thoughts and interests. It is fantastic to share favorite movies, books and musics, and personal issues, and not just Mairah. 

Yet sometimes I am kinda worried people here would perceive me differently if they met me in person. I was more an introvert and not excellent in verbal communication, not to mention language barriers. Maybe it's best keeping the relationship in a virtual world status. I could picture having a fail mess if we meet in person and feeling awkward and uncomfortable lol. 

Anyway still I wish someday, maybe in an occasion of fate, I can actually meet some fommers here (especially Mario, Jasp, Reenre, Robbie, Blinnie, Bastian, Persa, and Jason), and visit your countries and learn the cultures.  

Q: Have you ever had any feuds with anyone?
A: I don't think I had one, but I would love to try to get into it in a near future. It seems this board embraces feuds a lot lol.

Q: What's your advice to newbies?
A: Able to accept the negativity and sarcasm here towards Mariah and among the fommers, apart from that, this place is huge fun. If you like fun you will love fomm. 

When we come back, we'll reveal the messages Nike received from his fellow FOMMers! Stay tuned




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Sep 29 13 2:55 PM

Nike, here's what some FOMMers had to say about your award tonight:


Nike, congratulations!

I always enjoy how you make those threads about the songs competing against each other.
Keep doing them!
Ahhh, dear Nike. I think if there is one thing we can all agree on here on FOMM its that everybody adores Nike! And I am no different! For so many years he's been making us all smile with his cute sense of humour and all those little song games we all take part in. Nike has been here for so many years and feeds nothing but positivity and humour into the board, something we should never take for granted.

Thank you for making me smile Nike. This award is well deserved so enjoy this moment!




Posts: 10,760 True in love and wisdom, well off and witty, using god's sleeve to wipe the hell off the city.

#776 [url]

Sep 29 13 4:02 PM


So glad to see you finally get inducted! You're one of the long time favorites on here -- speaking for myself and confidentially for others as well. What strikes me the most about your persona is that you always seem to look on the bright side of things and go out of your way to be cordial to everyone. You're just a very respectable individual that way.

What I enjoy most about you is your sense of humor on here though. I've seen you lighten the mood in many a thread and bring the tone back to center with a well timed line or two. You're super sharp and extremely clever in a way that most of us aren't and you always bring a really fresh and funny perspective to the board that is truly unique. By far I find myself laughing the hardest at your comments on here -- plus your quirks, such as your very bizarre obsession with HEAT lol.

It's been very nice getting to know you on the board and in the FOMM chat as well.  I can remember laughing with you and Jasp many times in the very early mornings (for me) before I had to go to a college class, which I do miss.

Also, and I know I'm like four years later on this, but I'm sorry that I never did get a Christmas card back to you lol. I should make up for that this year




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#779 [url]

Oct 1 13 12:02 PM

NIKE, you should have been among the first 5 Legends. I love you and I know we have a lot in common. I love your posts, your craziness, I love Jaspola und her many many great-great-great children, always stay the way you are. You are perfect. And don't let the world get you down

Love ya much, Reenah Reenre xxx

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#780 [url]

Oct 2 13 11:39 AM

From the bottom of my heart, and my bottom of my bottom (j/k), I sincerely thank you all your messages and replies to me. It's been a tough time for me personally lately, so this award does really cheer me up. YOU GUYS GIVE ME SO MUCH LOVE. Finally it's been a great pleasure to know you guys here and you guys bring me lots of warm and fun as well. I can't ask for more. : )

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