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Oct 11 10 8:41 PM

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Can this be stickied please? The discussions will start as soon as the song's on iTunes, so we should have a thread ready..
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Oct 11 10 9:06 PM

MrSpice wrote:
Just remember, don't expect any serious I-Tunes action until mid-November. This might not even be Top 300 or whatever for a while.

But heres to hoping it goes #1!!!!!!!! :P


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Oct 12 10 12:41 AM

I have go wait 20 more minutes as it's not midnight yet here in Texas...ugh!!! So does it sound that much before than what's on the official website? The official website has the best quality I've heard the song. So I can't wait to get this from itunes!!!

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"You think that's sexy? With the Rocket Pop's outside you?"

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Oct 12 10 2:27 AM

Mariah10Carey88 wrote:
omg i won. thank u so much lynn and mdj. i cant even know what 2 say. im very sexcited

you win everything. jerk!! <3 u m!

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Oct 12 10 4:31 AM

I can't downloaded on Itunes France... (((( NO OH SANTA on Itunes!

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