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#121 [url]

Jun 16 09 8:59 PM

PLEASE PM it to me too!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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#125 [url]

Jun 16 09 9:33 PM


can someone please PM me the link to the CD rip of Obsessed? i'm a huge fan and i always buy ALL her material (literally) LOL so dont worry im still buying the damn song/album.. Please send to me, thanks!

#126 [url]

Jun 16 09 9:34 PM

PM as well please... I want to listen to the CDQ of the original and remxi..thanks.

Please dont forget to download it when it is officially release!!!




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#128 [url]

Jun 16 09 10:18 PM

Sprite08 wrote:
That "you love me, you love really really love me" at the end was siiiicccckkk LOL!!!!...I loved it.

Where is this line? I'm listenin' over and over and can't seem to spot this line at all.

#129 [url]

Jun 16 09 10:26 PM

can i get it someone pleassse!

The MC Academy

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#135 [url]

Jun 17 09 2:55 AM

can someone pls pls pls pm me both versions!
sorry i am so late cause i live in asia!
deeply appreciated!


baBy Diva MC

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#136 [url]

Jun 17 09 12:19 PM

320 bit version sent to all those rquested... along with the remix feat gucci and both bootleg dance mixes!! Enjoy!

Love Michael (AKA MCEyedol)
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#137 [url]

Jun 17 09 12:30 PM

PM me the 320 bit version! please!!

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