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May 27 15 9:45 PM

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If you are new member, lurker or haven't posted for awhile, feel free to introduce or re-introduce yourself to the Friends Of Mariah Messageboard.
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May 28 17 11:33 AM

Hello everybody. Looong time Mariah fan here. I'm looking to talk with and get to know other fans. I don't know anyone irl that loves Mimi like I do. I used to know several online but chartrooms and forums come and go. Feel free to message me.

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Jun 4 17 4:37 AM

I am a huge Mariah fan, have been since 2011 I think. My friend took my phone and put AIWFCIY on YouTube, and I loved it. But I wasn't active, till' 2014, the Rockefeller incident... lol. Then I created a youtube channel a year ago, and also run an instagram account! Some facts about me:

1. I love Mariah (obvs)
2. I find other singers inferior when I listen to them (few notable exceptions)
3. I am from Greece
4. When Mariah visited Mykonos, I was some kilometers away from her
5. My vocal range is B2 - B6 (the whistles hurt above B6)

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